Beautiful, Today & Forever

Thousands of feet below the vast and immense beauty of the heaven-scraping Himlayan mountains can be found a life source. A mineral crucial to the upkeep of our bodies and environment.Salt.

Above the surface, a breath-taking scene of pinks dance amongst the clouds within a picturesque and snow-capped mountain range. Beckoning our imaginations to recall prehistoric eras where crystals began to form, beginning its journey from the cave. The air is crisp, and the culture is bustling. Trucks swirl around the naturally formed pyramids, trading resources and building communities that have settled into the intersections of Pakistan, Nepal, China and India. The atmosphere holds millenia and sacred traditions.

Inspired by traditional engineering, we merged ancestral knowledge with modern efficiency to lessen the environmental impacts of globalisation. From start to finish, we overlook every step of the process to ensure you get the best rocksalt with minimal natural imperfections to ensure the sustainability and lasting impact of the final installation. We’ve been lucky enough to experience the secrets held below the rugged landscape of the Himalayas, so we want to share that with everyone around the world, completely unadulterated. Free from dyes, fillers, additives, pollutants, and microplastics.

At saltecture we pride ourselves in running as an artists' collaborative, with the intellectual artist providing the designs for skilled craftsmen to produce. A new approach to accomplish the awe-inspiring installations supporting a lambent reveal. Lit from within, the rugged structures reveal depth and mystery as they offer their beneficence. The epitome of style, Saltecture is a lifestyle of designer luxury interior and wellbeing experiences for all.